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Welcome to Greenhills Equine

We are a family based in the NSW Southern Highlands with an Equine Care Consultant, Equine Bodyworker and Dressage Trainer and Rider available on site and for Consultations throughout NSW Australia.

We are also Retailers of specifically chosen Equine Products that we exclusively use, recommend and support.

Aiyana Levin greenhills equine

Aiyana Levin

Dressage Rider & Trainer

Donna Levin

Equine Care Consultant

Rhon Levin

Equine Body Worker

Have you heard of Digestive EQ™?

Is your horse suffering from lack lustre hoof or coat condition, excitable behaviour, restrictive movement, sour attitude, girthiness, recurrent ulcers, respiratory problems, bouts of colic, laminitis, scouring, loss of appetite or poor food conversion?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then your horse may benefit from Digestive EQ™.

Stress Paste


Stress Paste is a concentrated 60ml nutritional formula designed to support your horses in times of acute stress. Such times may include when competing, racing, transporting or in extreme heat & humidity.

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