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Donna Levin greenhills equine

Donna Levin

Equine Care Consultant

Donna grew up as the typical pony-loving, fear-free bareback rider and continued to have connection with horses on and off most of her adult life. She and Rhon moved their then young family out of Sydney in 2003, in search of a life that would connect them with nature and allow them to have their own horses.

Her commitment to supporting their daughter Aiyana’s equestrian pursuits meant Donna’s riding goals took a back seat until 2013. During the last 15 years she has been on a journey to discover how to best care for the whole horse. From 2013-2016 she intensively studied John Lyon’s training methods, achieving her lifetime goal to “start” her own horse.

She has attended Courses on Tellington Touch, Equine Experiential Learning, Bit-fitting and is a qualified Human and Equine Reiki Practitioner. Informally she has learnt and applies parts of various modalities such as the Masterson Method. Satisfyingly, she has been learning dressage since 2016 and achieving her life-long goals competing on her beloved Warmblood, Colin.

Donna believes in considering the horse from nose to tail, inside and out, physically and emotionally. She has created connections with an expert body worker, an equine nutritionist, a saddle fitter, bit fitter, farrier and dentist. Early in 2018, she was asked by her friend, the developer of equine gut supplement Digestive EQ, to help launch and distribute it.

This has led to her learning a large amount about the equine digestive system and optimal feeding practices. Her goal is to help horse carers be confident and educated about their horse’s needs and to simplify horse feeding and care.

Donna loves meeting with people and simplifying the often confusing ideas around horse care and feeding. She is available for Equine Reiki (stress-relief) sessions and for Confidence and Groundwork-to-Saddle lessons, helping riders return to riding. She is available by Consultation, either in person or telephone. 0432 592 119.