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Is your horse suffering from lack lustre hoof or coat condition, excitable behaviour, restrictive movement, sour attitude, girthiness, recurrent ulcers, respiratory problems, bouts of colic, laminitis, scouring, loss of appetite or poor food conversion?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then your horse may benefit from Digestive EQ™.

Digestive EQ™ is a unique blend of scientifically proven ingredients specifically formulated to support the digestive and immune systems of your horse.

Digestive EQ™ is made from premium products at an affordable price.

Digestive EQ™ was developed in response to a need for a comprehensive affordable product that would improve both fore and hindgut and not cost you a fortune.

Digestive EQ™ has been designed to stabilise the pH of the digestive system avoiding damaging pH fluctuations which can stress the hindgut.

Digestive EQ™ supports fore and hindgut digestion as well as assisting with immune and inflammation challenges and damage caused by mycotoxins.

Digestive EQ™ is formulated to assist with:

So what is actually in each tub of Digestive EQ™? And why?

1. Marine Source of Calcium
Natural source of bioavailable calcium and magnesium
Maximised calcium retention and bone strength
Addresses inflammation and excitable behaviour
Gentle slow release pH stabiliser
Scientifically proven and researched
2. Yeast Fermentation Product
Biologically complex and nutrient rich
Contains yeast, metabolites, betaglucans and MOS
Balances gut microbiota and immune system
Improves villi function
Supports horses own immune response
Promotes a healthy beneficial microflora in horses hindgut
Developed specifically for animals by a leading microbial fermentation company
Research-proven efficacy supported by peer reviewed publications
3. Mycotoxin Eliminator
Multi action mycotoxin eliminator; binds, deactivates and eliminates mycotoxins
Combines different strategies to eliminate the maximum number of mycotoxins
Active in the gut, where the toxins cause a problem
Also contains antioxidants to support natural response to mycotoxin exposure
Has a wider range of impact compared to mycotoxin binders
4. Digestive Enzymes
Improves starch digestion in the small intestine
Makes more dietary nutrients available
Enhances process of digestion
5. Amino Acids
Supports maintenance and function of the gut
Supports metabolism, nutrient absorption, production, healing and muscle growth and repair
Contributes to mucous production which is important for gut protection
Maintains tight junctions in gut lining, preventing pathogen leakage
Allows restoration of L glutamine levels that can be depleted during stress
Supports a healthy digestive lining.

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