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Digestive VM


Science is only now discovering the full impact of the gut microbiome on our overall health. This is also true for horses. From coat health and attitude, to immune function and recurrent problems like colic and laminitis, the health of your horse’s gut is key. To help get your horses gut healthy, we created Digestive EQ®. And now we’ve raised the bar again.

Digestive VM™ for Next Level Health. 

Correct vitamin, mineral and amino acid nutrition is also essential for your horse to achieve optimal health. To meet these needs, we made Digestive VM™. Designed to complement and to be fed alongside Digestive EQ, Digestive VM™ is the ultimate vitamin, mineral and amino acid supplement. With ingredients like organic selenium and chromium, natural natural Vitamin E plus essential amino acids lysine, methionine and threonine, bioavailable source of calcium and magnesium, Digestive VM™ is platinum standard. For added digestive support, Digestive VM™ also contains glutamine and a yeast derived prebiotic. It’s also grain free and non swabbable.

Digestive VM™… Watch your horse thrive.

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