rhon levin

Equine Body Worker

Rhon has been working closely with horses for over a decade. Whether treating a companion or competition horse, Rhon’s priority is ensuring that the horse is healthy, comfortable, balanced and free of pain.

With qualifications in Equine Massage, Red Light Therapy, and Myofascial Release, and currently studying the Masterson Method and Tucker BioKinetics, Rhon es a combination of these modalities to apply a holistic approach to your horses health.

When a horse is in pain it can exhibit physical and behavioural problems including lameness, uneven gait, back issues, poll pain, annoyance at saddling time, reluctance to go forward and a generally unhappy or aggressive demeanour.

Rhon will assess your horse and apply the relevant modality to address its issue/s.

To arrange a consultation contact Rhon on Mobile: +61 411 172 206.